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Frequently Asked Questions

CarTurf is a service that allows visitors to Europe and non-EU residents buy, register, insure and drive their own vehicle in Europe. CarTurf can register a car, motorcycle, campervan, motorhome or any other type of vehicle. This drives down costs of having access to a car of your own in Europe however you choose to travel.
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First, find and purchase a vehicle in Germany with or without CarTurf. We can guide you through the process, help with the sales agreement, and finalize the sale, if our assistance is required.

Second, get your vehicle insured. CarTurf uses a partner insurance company to insure vehicles if you don’t have your own Germany insurance company.

Note that most European insurance companies will not insure your vehicle if you don’t have an address in Europe. That’s why most customers opt for our Autopilot plan.

Third, we’ll schedule a safety and emissions inspection (TUV) for your vehicle, which will be valid for two years (if not yet completed).

Lastly, we’ll register your vehicle, obtain new license plates, and handle all paperwork at the DMV.

Once your vehicle is insured, TÜV-approved, and registered, it’s ready to drive. You inform us of your arrival location in Germany or Europe, and we’ll deliver the car, sparing you bureaucratic hassles.

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CarTurf can register any vehicle in the EU market including cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, campervans, trailers, trucks, you name it. As long as the vehicle is allowed to be operated in Europe and has the title/registration documents, CarTurf can register and insure it for you.

  1. Unbeatable Market: Germany’s car market presents a wealth of options, providing you with better prices for both new and used vehicles than many other EU countries.
  2. Superior Quality: Used vehicles in Germany are renowned for their exceptional condition, surpassing those found in other European nations.
  3. Unique Opportunity: Germany is one of the few EU countries that permit foreigners to buy and register a car. And with CarTurf you can even do it remotely.
  4. Competitive Insurance: With numerous insurance companies in Germany, you’ll benefit from a wide array of competitive offers, often featuring lower prices and top-tier coverage.
  5. Prime Location: Germany’s central location allows you to easily explore any direction – north, east, south, or west – making it the perfect starting point for your European adventure.
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  1. Gain a reliable European partner.
  2. Enjoy hassle-free vehicle registration without visiting Europe.
  3. Skip long waits for inspection or registration appointments.
  4. Receive ongoing support for European travel and driving inquiries.
  5. Ensure your vehicle’s protection with our team and insurance coverage.
  6. Explore Europe at your own pace.
  7. Experience the comfort of your own car while traveling.
  8. Access destinations beyond the reach of trains and buses.

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The short answer is you can drive anywhere your vehicle will take you. However, the insurance coverage will vary.
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With EU plates, you can drive across all European Union member countries without any issues and be fully insured by German insurance. The European Union currently consists of 27 member countries:

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia
  5. Cyprus
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Hungary
  14. Ireland
  15. Italy
  16. Latvia
  17. Lithuania
  18. Luxembourg
  19. Malta
  20. Netherlands
  21. Poland
  22. Portugal
  23. Romania
  24. Slovakia
  25. Slovenia
  26. Spain
  27. Sweden

Venture beyond the EU and Europe with a “green” card (actually white) from the insurance company, allowing hassle-free travel. Be aware that some countries may require additional insurance to be purchased at the border. If using CarTurf’s insurance partner and opt for full comprehensive and collision coverage, you’re covered Europe-wide to the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey and liability world-wide.

Keep in mind that most insurers exclude countries like Russia, Belarus and Asia/Africa, necessitating separate insurance coverage for these destinations.

Yes! With CarTurf, you can enjoy the convenience of having any vehicle registered and ready for use in Europe before even setting foot on the continent. The vehicle purchase, inspections and registration can all be done on your behalf, eliminating the need for your presence in Germany or Europe.

To purchase a car in Europe, begin by browsing online to identify your preferred make and model. Many online resources provide direct access to dealerships and sellers.

After selecting a vehicle, choose to contact sellers directly or seek CarTurf’s assistance. If purchasing independently, diligently review seller or dealership ratings.

Opting for CarTurf ensures expert guidance and coordination throughout the process. Consult with us before making large transfers to guarantee a seamless transaction, as we handle seller communication, car documents, and registration.

Upon completion, CarTurf helps with vehicle insurance, inspections, and registration for a smooth, worry-free experience.

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Some of the best online used car marketplaces for purchasing vehicles in Germany include:

  1. Mobile.de (www.mobile.de): As one of the largest online car marketplaces in Germany, Mobile.de offers a vast selection of used vehicles from dealerships and private sellers.
  2. Autoscout24 (www.autoscout24.de): Autoscout24 is another popular platform, providing a wide variety of used cars from both dealers and private sellers across Germany.
  3. Kleinanzeigen (www.kleinanzeigen.de, formerly eBay Kleinanzeigen): This is the German version of eBay Classifieds, where you can find used cars from private sellers and dealerships.

Keep in mind that these websites are primarily in German, so using a translation tool might be helpful if you’re not familiar with the language. Always remember to research the seller’s reputation, and if possible, consider working with a local expert or a service like CarTurf to help you navigate the process.

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The Autopilot plan is the best option for most people. This is because it’s difficult to find an insurance company willing to insure your vehicle without you actually residing in Europe. CarTurf takes on the responsibility of dealing with the insurance, DMV and vehicle tax in its own name so you can enjoy the benefits of having your car registered at a German address without all the bureaucracy.

If you insist on a different plan and having the insurance and registration documents put in your name at a German address, do keep in mind that most insurance companies will contest an insurance claim in case of an incident if they find out you don’t actually reside at the given address in Germany.

The Autopilot plan includes everything you would need to have your vehicle insured and registered with German license plates in Europe (Germany). CarTurf takes all the administrative tasks from logistics of delivering physical car documents and license plates to scheduling pre-sale car and safety inspections to the actual registration and delivery of your vehicle.

You also get roadside assistance Europe-wide regardless of whether you go with just liability insurance or full collision and comprehensive coverage.

CarTurf will also deliver your vehicle within 200km of our location at no additional charge.

CarTurf is constantly negotiating and adding services that support our customers as they travel Europe and beyond. Any savings on services CarTurf negotiates are passed on to you. You also get priority access to any new services CarTurf rolls out.

We highly recommend going with the Autopilot plan because you then get access to insurance options through CarTurf. You can choose to get liability coverage, partial coverage or comprehensive insurance with collision coverage. The insurance premiums will vary based on your vehicle’s make, model, year, engine size, chosen coverage, the desired deductible and the main driver’s age.

  1. Liability Coverage: Covers only damage you cause to third parties in case of a traffic incident.
  2. Partial Coverage: Includes liability insurance plus theft, broken glass or damage cause by storm with a deductible of €150.
  3. Comprehensive & Collision: Includes liability and partial coverage but also covers damage to your vehicle even if you cause a traffic incident. Various amounts of deductible are available such as €300, €500, €1000.

Roadside Assistance Europe-wide is included in most insurance coverage through CarTurf.

It takes as little as ONE hour IF you are in the Bonn, Germany area with your European vehicle AND all vehicle documents are valid. You just let us know what day and time you plan to be at our location and we secure an appointment at the DMV beforehand to complete the process as fast as possible so you can be on your way.

If you wish to register your car remotely without coming to our location, it takes 3-4 business days because we need to express deliver the vehicle documents from you to our CarTurf office and then deliver the documents and German plates back to you once registered. Within major European cities, delivery takes one business day to get to CarTurf and one business day back to you with a day for registration in between.

Please note that appointments at the DMV are required to register a vehicle. Please inform CarTurf about one week before you plan to have your vehicle registered so we can secure an appointment ahead of time.

To register your vehicle, CarTurf will need the following documents:


  • Original Vehicle Registration Letter (Fahrzeugbrief Teil II)
  • Original Vehicle Registration document (Fahrzeugschein Teil I)
  • Valid Safety & Emissions Inspection Report. MUST be to 2014/45/EU standard, have verified VIN on report and state “Roadworthiness Certificate according to 2014/45/EU,” if done outside of Germany.
  • Current License Plates IF the vehicle is still registered elsewhere


  • Original Vehicle Registration Documents or equivalent
  • Certificate of Conformity (COC)
  • Proof of ownership, for example, a copy of sales agreement (bill of sale)
  • Valid Safety & Emissions Inspection Report. MUST be to 2014/45/EU standard, have verified VIN on report and state “Roadworthiness Certificate according to 2014/45/EU,” if done outside of Germany.
  • Current License Plates IF the vehicle is still registered elsewhere


  • Original Vehicle Registration Documents or equivalent
  • Certificate of Conformity (COC)
  • Proof of ownership, for example, a copy of sales agreement (bill of sale)
  • Valid Safety & Emissions Inspection Report. MUST be to 2014/45/EU standard, have verified VIN on report and state “Roadworthiness Certificate according to 2014/45/EU,” if done outside of Germany.
  • Current License Plates IF the vehicle is still registered elsewhere
  • Proof of payment of import tax and duties

Either works! Whatever you are most comfortable with, CarTurf can work with you. You may choose to purchase a vehicle before arriving if you’re sure of the type of vehicle you want to buy. Or, you may choose to first purchase after seeing and test driving different makes and models.

In order to spend less time car shopping, we recommend using the online resources we mentioned under “Where Can I Search Online For Cars?” to narrow down your list so that upon arrival you focus on the vehicles you’ve whitelisted.

If you’ve narrowed down your list based on your online searches before arrival, then you should be able to have the car purchase done within 1-2 weeks. The more must-have criteria you have on your list for your desired vehicle, the more time it will take to locate the exact vehicle to your detailed requirements.

Also, consider how much time you plan on owning your vehicle. If you intend to drive your vehicle around Europe for 6 months, you may not be as picky compared to if you were planning on traveling full-time around Europe for 2 years.

Most dealers and sellers in Germany and Europe will prefer a bank transfer and/or cash. If you don’t have a European bank account, you can sign up for services like Wise and Revolut that allow you to link your bank account, transfer funds at reasonable exchange rates and make a bank transfer to a European bank account (SEPA transfer via IBAN) within a couple of hours.

In most cases, CarTurf registers your vehicle in CarTur’s name. The registration documents therefore state CarTurf instead of your name. The reason we do this is because German insurance companies will not insure a vehicle registered to a person who doesn’t reside in Germany. CarTurf wants to be sure that in case there is an incident on the road, you and your vehicle along with any third parties involved are always covered.

Also, the system in Germany works differently than other countries. The person listed in the sales agreement or bill of sale is the rightful owner. The person or company listed in the registration documents is the responsible party. Therefore, CarTurf takes care of the insurance, registration, vehicle tax and DMV for the whole time your vehicle is registered.

CarTurf gives you the car registration document (Fahrzeugschein), copy of proof of insurance as well as a certificate of ownership in your name. We also recommend that you carry your sales agreement (bill of sale) for your car to prove ownership. For most of Europe, the vehicle registration and proof of insurance is enough.
However, some traffic incidents, border crossings or non-EU countries may require you to show proof of ownership. You can show the bill of sale and certificate of ownership to proof ownership.

In very rare cases, a small number of non-EU countries may ask you for a notarized certificate of ownership. Please keep us updated on which countries you plan to travel to and whether you may be traveling to a non-EU country that requires this. We will then prepare it for you to carry along your travels.

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