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Our Mission Is To Make owning and driving a car in Europe as a foreigner accessible

Imagine the freedom and comfort of exploring Europe in your very own car. Currently, there are no reliable solutions to assist visitors in purchasing and registering vehicles in Europe for that unparalleled travel experience. While train travel may be suitable for backpackers and solo adventurers, it can be draining for those embarking on extended journeys or traveling with children.

Consider renting a vehicle as an alternative; however, the steep costs of long-term rentals might leave you questioning its value. Don’t you deserve a more convenient, personalized, and cost-effective way to experience the beauty and charm of Europe?

CarTurf was created to fill the void between these less-desirable alternatives. And the best part is you can skip all the bureaucracy. CarTurf gets a ready-to-drive vehicle all to yourself when you step off the plane in Europe.

where did the idea for CarTurf come from?

The opportunity to register a European vehicle happened almost by accident. Marcus, living in Moscow since 2012, began actively planning to purchase a car for his soon-to-be family of four in early 2014, as they anticipated the arrival of their second child.

Public transportation had efficiently served Marcus when he was single, and continued to do as he and his wife were newlyweds, even accommodating their first child. However, with two small children, public transportation no longer met their needs in various situations. Marcus, missing the excitement of road trips, took action to secure a car for his growing family.

Purchasing a car in Germany

Upon learning from friends in Russia about the excellent condition and reasonable prices of used cars from Germany, Marcus took decisive action. He and his wife traveled to Germany for a few weeks to plan for their second child’s birth and secured a well-priced 2003 Audi Avant wagon for €4200, a bargain compared to similar vehicles in Moscow.

Marcus promptly registered the car at his aunt’s address in Hannover, Germany, and enjoyed driving it for several months. Eventually, he prepared for a memorable road trip back to Moscow, Russia, with his growing family.

let’s thank high import fees

Determined to import the car to Russia temporarily (free for personal use up to 1 year) and eventually pay import duties for Russian plates, Marcus encountered an unexpected obstacle: import duties of nearly €7000! Despite this major oversight, Marcus remained undeterred, knowing that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

After departing Germany with German plates, Marcus discovered that his car was automatically de-registered when the registration office learned he had left Germany indefinitely. Fortunately, Marcus’ cousin stepped in, visiting the German DMV to find a solution. They suggested that the cousin become an authorized recipient for any correspondence related to a registered car in Germany. This allowed Marcus to maintain his German plates and renew his temporary import in Russia annually until 2019.

The Audi’s return to Germany

Marcus and his family packed their belongings into their reliable 2003 Audi Avant wagon and relocated to Germany by the end of 2019. They confirmed their theory that paying German auto insurance, annual German car tax, and basic auto insurance in Russia still cost less than the import duties to Russia and back to Germany years later.

Unfortunately, after braving the rugged Russian roads, the Audi’s time had come, and the family bid it a heartfelt farewell. Forever grateful for the Audi’s service, Marcus and his family purchased and registered another used vehicle in Germany, excited for the adventures in their new German car.

COVID and its affects on the way we work

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill, companies globally adapted by embracing remote work. Consequently, the desire to capitalize on the freedom to travel and work remotely surged.

Faced with travel restrictions in numerous countries, people opted for road trips over alternatives like flying and train travel, especially to destinations with fewer restrictions. This shift in preference led to a skyrocketing demand for not only cars but campervans and motorhomes across Europe.

A market in need of an innovative solution

In early 2023, Marcus rediscovered the exhilaration of European road trips while taking his family on adventures in rented campervans. Sharing his experiences with friends and family outside Europe, as well as engaging in discussions with digital nomad groups, Marcus became determined to enable non-EU residents to experience the joys of driving their own car in Europe.

After thorough market research and extensive consultations with German DMV and insurance companies, Marcus officially established CarTurf. Now, individuals from outside Europe can register their EU cars and explore the vast European landscape and beyond at their own pace and in complete comfort.

It all started with an itch that needing scratching

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Want to drive in Europe in style?

CarTurf helps you register any car or other type of vehicle that can be purchased in Europe.

German-made cars are well-known for their design and comfort. No need to take our word for it. We’ll help you buy and register a car of your choosing whatever that may be, German or not.


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CarTurf was a lifesaver for me! I needed a car for a business trip to Europe but had no idea how to go about buying and registering one. The team at CarTurf took care of everything for me, from finding the right car to handling all the paperwork. They even delivered the car to me at the airport! Thanks to their excellent service, I was able to focus on my work and not worry about the logistics of buying a car in a foreign country.

Mary Boyles


I came across CarTurf and decided to give them a try. The team was incredibly helpful and patient as I navigated the process of buying and registering a car in a foreign country. They walked me through every step and made sure I had all the necessary paperwork and documentation. Thanks to CarTurf, I now have a reliable car and the freedom to explore Europe at my own pace.

Jimmy Chance


I decided to take a road trip through Europe with some friends. CarTurf helped us find the car for our trip and even suggested some great routes and destinations to visit along the way. Their knowledge of the local laws and regulations made the process of registering the car a breeze. We had an amazing time exploring Europe, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of CarTurf. I highly recommend their services needing a car in Europe.

Edward Smith


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