CarTurf Manual

49.00 / мес. и регистрационный сбор 249.00

You get:
  • EU address (in Germany)
  • Digital scan of mail
  • Translation of mail
  • Customer Support
  • Securely stored car docs
What’s not included and YOU take care of yourself:
  • You process vehicle tax
  • Mediation with DMV
  • Bring your own insurance
  • Car Registration fee



Register your own vehicle in Europe so you can drive it anytime you visit.

CarTurf Manual is for anyone who has his own car and insurance, but no way of registering the car in Europe. CarTurf steps in and helps you with all the requirements of registering your car to get EU (German) plates. If you are not a resident in Germany or Europe, but you can handle the insurance yourself, this plan is a great option for you.

NOTE that this plan does not offer any mediation between DMV or your insurance company. If you speak German or have an English-speaking insurance company, then this basic plan may be for you. However, if you need added support, please choose CarTurf Automatic or Autopilot.


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