CarTurf Autopilot

99.00 / мес. и регистрационный сбор 249.00

You get:

  • EU address (Germany)
  • Digital scan of mail
  • Translation of mail
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Securely store car docs
  • We process vehicle tax
  • Vehicle insured over CarTurf
  • Car Registration fee included
  • Customized License Plates
  • Free Delivery of your car within Germany



CarTurf registers your vehicle in Europe so you can drive it anytime you visit.

CarTurf Autopilot takes care of the whole process of registering your car in Europe including the insurance through CarTurf. Insurance is calculated separately depending on your specific car and other factors, however, insuring your vehicle in CarTurf’s name means you get better priced premiums.

If questions or issues arise with DMV or the insurance company, CarTurf mediates those issues between you and them. CarTurf also offers custom plates if you wish, covers the first-time registration fees and delivers your car to you within Germany. You arrive in Germany with a car insured and ready to drive!


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