Buying Versus Renting A Car In Europe – Save With CarTurf

Discover the savings potential: Compare buying versus renting a car in Europe with CarTurf. Maximize your savings today!

Maximizing Savings: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Versus Renting a Car in Europe with CarTurf

Buying versus renting a car in Europe is a big deal for travelers. Owning seems convenient, but it’s pricey with taxes, maintenance, insurance, and parking. Renting is a costly ride, too, especially for a long trip. Fees, tolls, and extra insurance costs pile up quickly.

Yet, CarTurf offers a savvy option. It’s an eco-friendly car-sharing platform where folks rent out their unused cars. Travelers get a budget-friendly ride, and car owners earn when their cars sit idle.

To choose between owning or renting in Europe, consider how long you’ll stay, how far you’ll go, and how much you’ll use it. Evaluating these factors and checking out CarTurf could save you a bunch versus regular rentals while supporting a greener way to explore Europe.

Wondering about the actual numbers? Let’s see what CarTurf could save you if you buy instead of rent for the long haul in Europe.

Driving in Europe for Three Months: Should I Buy or Rent?

There are many factors to consider when deciding how to travel to Europe. Still, if your trip is approaching 3 or more months, you should consider buying a car instead of renting. Why is that? Well, let’s take a conservative, low-priced car rental option. 

Let’s say you want to travel around Europe in a rental car for three months. A budget-friendly option would cost a minimum of $20 per day, equivalent to $600 per month plus insurance. The company car rental insurance would cost $8-$12 per day minimum, around $240 per month. 

That would put you at a minimum of $840 per month or $2,520 for your whole 3-month trip by a rental car. We’re using very minimal numbers for this example, but you would likely find that the options are higher.

Consider purchasing a used, budget compact car such as a Ford Focus, Skoda Fabia, VW Golf, Hyundai i30, or similar with around 100,000 km that’s approximately 8-12 years old. That would cost you around €8,000 (2023 prices) on the used-car market in Germany. 

To compare across the board, we assume you can get a personal loan for the purchase amount, breaking down the upfront costs into monthly payments. Comprehensive car insurance would cost you around €50 per month for that age and style of vehicle. CarTurf’s Autopilot subscription costs €99 per month, including free delivery of your car within Germany. Don’t forget about €60 car tax per year.

Let’s compare what renting a car would cost you every month versus purchasing a car in Europe to register and insure through CarTurf:

Buying a car in Europe€170*Renting a car in Europe$600
Car insurance€50Rental car insurance$240
CarTurf’s service fee€99
Vehicle tax (per year)€5 (€60/yr**)
TOTAL monthly cost€374 ($394)***TOTAL rental cost$840

** Vehicle tax per year.

*** Estimated USD in Oct 2023

Compare your monthly car rental costs of $840 vs. buying your car to drive in Europe for $394

It’s worth noting that there are some significant differences between the two options:

  • Firstly, the types of cars available to purchase at the above price point would be 8-12-year-old used cars in good condition suitable for driving around Europe. A rental car would most likely be a newer mini or compact car.
  • Secondly, you don’t have to worry about maintenance with a rental vehicle. In contrast, with your car, you’d need to have the oil changed at the very least in the short term and more maintenance done in the long term.
  • Thirdly, if you cannot or do not wish to secure a loan to purchase a car, the upfront costs for purchasing a car are high. However, they can be offset by selling the car at the end of your trip.
  • Lastly, CarTurf helps you prepare your car’s safety and emissions inspection, complete registration documents insurance, and obtain plates, all while planning your trip to Europe. This way, you arrive in Europe with a similar experience as with a rental car. It’s all ready to get in a drive.

CarTurf’s Comparative Advantage

CarTurf has numerous perks for European road trippers. They offer various vehicles, from economy to luxury, catering to different preferences.

A big plus? CarTurf’s rental insurance covers collisions, theft, and damage without extra charges, unlike regular rental companies. It means significant savings for customers.

Their toll road coverage saves travelers from worrying about additional costs or buying separate toll passes.

Parking fees in European cities can sting, but with CarTurf, customers dodge those costs. They sort out parking in multiple European cities, making it easy and budget-friendly.

On top of that, CarTurf handles the vehicle’s maintenance during the rental, saving customers time and money. Travelers can focus on their adventure worry-free.

In a nutshell, CarTurf stands out with diverse vehicles, comprehensive insurance, toll road coverage, parking solutions, and hassle-free maintenance. It’s a ticket to savings and a stress-free European road trip.

Conclusion: Making the Decision – Which Option Suits You Best?

Buying a car in the past has never been a severe obstacle. Still, the headaches were the registration, obtaining car insurance, and travel insurance. With CarTurf, you can buy, register, and insure a vehicle you own in Europe and drive it wherever and however you see fit. Suppose you’re considering a long-term trip to Europe. In that case, CarTurf will save you tons while you still get the comfort and flexibility of driving your car. What you do with the savings is up to you. Safe travels on the road!

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