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CarTurf Helps Visitors to Europe Buy and Register any Vehicle Remotely and Hassle-Free.

Why Register a Vehicle in Europe with CarTurf?

A less-expensive alternative to rental Cars.

A rental car can be a great short-term solution but quickly gets expensive the longer you rent. For all other scenarios, CarTurf is the answer!

Flexibility and convenience of having your own Car.

See the countless and amazing places in Europe on your time and in your own comfort. Oh, and public transport can’t take you everywhere.

No bureaucracy. No wasted time. No Hassle.

Registering a vehicle in Europe yourself literally takes months of planning and sleepless nights. We get it done while you haven’t even stepped foot in Europe!

As a visitor to Europe, registering a vehicle in your own name is a time and money drain.

Navigating local regulations and bureaucracy is confusing

Long processing times are irritating

The language barrier makes it frustrating

Stress builds from delays and high costs

Rejected documents trigger disappointment

Fear of making mistakes causes doubt and apprehension

CarTurf has the experience to seamlessly get your car in Europe registered on your behalf
without wasting your precious time on paperwork and appointments.

We’ve been there before, and we’re here for you now.

Trusted by Many communities

Remote workers
Long-Term Travelers
Digital Nomads
Frequent Visitors to Europe
EU Citizens Abroad

With CarTurf, you can buy and register Any Vehicle in Europe even if you’re not physically present.

CarTurf acts as your personal representative in the registration process, taking care of everything on your behalf. From scheduling safety and emissions tests, providing registration documents, and obtaining license plates, our dedicated team of experts ensures that your registration is handled efficiently and professionally, giving you peace of mind and leaving you free to focus on other things. You let CarTurf take care of the details, so you can enjoy your European adventure to the fullest.

3 steps to getting a European Vehicle registered with CarTurf.

We guide you through the process every step of the way

1. Sign up at

Whether you already bought a car or you’re just getting started, we can help. Sign up with CarTurf and we’ll pick up where you are getting stuck.

2. CarTurf prepares the paperwork

Let CarTurf be your personal guide to register your car in Europe hassle-free. We collect and prepare all the necessary documents so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

3. CarTurf delivers your EU-ready car to you

CarTurf and you agree where your EU car will be picked up or delivered. Bring your valid driver’s license and you’re ready to hit European roads.

CarTurf unlocks the freedom to drive your own car in Europe

while providing you affordable support every step of the way.

CarTurf makes it possible for you to register a car in your name in Europe as a non-EU resident.
Your Address in the EU!

CarTurf provides an EU address (Germany) where we register your car. Any important mail goes directly into your digital inbox.

No Language Barriers!

CarTurf handles all the paperwork so you don’t get lost in it. No need to google translate DMV or insurance notifications.

Skip Long Processing Times!

CarTurf deals with all the bureaucracy. No presence required! Every step is done remotely so you arrive when your car is ready to drive.

Affordable and Ongoing Support!

Registering your car through CarTurf is the most affordable and secure way to get the flexibility and comfort of driving your own car in Europe.

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What You Get From CarTurf

Experience a stress-free car registration process and the most cost-effective way to drive your own car in Europe with CarTurf. Here’s what you get:

  • Personal representative throughout the car registration process in EU (Germany)
  • Vehicle registration in EU (Germany)
  • Official (physical) address in EU (Germany)
  • Digital scans of incoming mail
  • Automatic translation of mail
  • Dedicated, ongoing customer support
  • Optional additional services tailored to your individual situation

All of this comes with the added benefit of the most affordable rates in the market. Reach out to CarTurf today to enjoy these services and start driving your car worry-free in Europe..

Get Car Registration in Europe Remotely



€49 per month

  • EU address (Germany)
  • Digital scan of mail
  • Automatic translation
  • Customer Support
  • You pay vehicle tax
  • Bring your own insurance
  • Car Registration Fees



€69 per month

  • Everything in MANUAL
  • Mediation with DMV
  • CarTurf processes vehicle tax
  • Bring your own insurance
  • Store vehicle docs securely
  • Car Registration Fees



€99 per month

  • Everything in AUTOMATIC
  • Vehicle insured over CarTurf*
  • No Car Registration Fees
  • Customized License Plate
  • Roadside Assistance Europe-wide
  • Vehicle Delivery within 200km

**Insurance and vehicle tax for your vehicle are additional as these costs can vary greatly depending on multiple factors.

Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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